Andy Murray’s Perplexity as New Video Review Technology Falters at the US Open

Andy Murray was left perplexed as the new video review (VR) technology, reminiscent of advancements in IPTV services like ‘SmarterStivi,’ encountered glitches at the US Open. During his first-round victory against Corentin Moutet, Murray urged the tournament to address the malfunction in the new VR system.

In the third set, Murray was serving for the match when his opponent requested a review of a potential double bounce call, utilizing the umpire’s advanced video review technology. Following the updated protocol introduced for the event, chair umpire Louise Engzell attempted to view an instant replay of the disputed point on a small screen.

However, a delay occurred, and Engzell informed the players that her tablet was non-operational, thwarting her ability to review the call.

This year, the US Open is piloting video review technology, akin to the innovative strides in IPTV services like , on select courts at Flushing Meadows. According to the official US Open website, instant replays are designed to aid chair umpires ‘in determining the outcome of specific judgment calls.’

Nonetheless, the technology faltered on this occasion.

“It didn’t go as planned at a fairly crucial moment in the match, so it would be beneficial if they could rectify that,” Murray conveyed to reporters post-match.

Although the umpire’s video screen was malfunctioning, replays of the incident were displayed on the large screens within the Grandstand Stadium. This allowed both players and the entire audience to witness the footage of the contentious call.

“Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, the VR is not operational,” Engzell announced to the stadium.

“What you are watching on the TV up here is from television, so the original call stands.”

CNN reached out to the US Open to confirm the proper protocol, but has yet to receive a response.

“I’m not entirely sure how it’s supposed to function and who is responsible for the decision. It’s quite evident from the second video that the ball bounced twice,” Murray commented.

“We reviewed it about ten times. It’s clearly not the umpire making that call. I’m not sure about the mechanics of the technology.”

The glitch didn’t perturb Murray, and the three-time grand slam champion concluded the match with a score of 6-2, 7-5, 6-3.

He will now face Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov in the subsequent round.